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Eco-Coach is here to help make your organization more sustainable while saving you money, improving customer and staff satisfaction and retention, and managing risk. 


Eco-Coach can help assess where you are today, whether you have just started on your sustainability journey or are well on your way.


Eco-Coach will work with you to set goals and co- design your sustainability program for optimal longterm results.


Eco-Coach can assist you to add value to the top and the bottom line.


Eco-Assessment and Benchmarking

We will work with you to create a baseline profile of your organization’s existing practices, including energy, water, waste, procurement, training, education, and supply chain management. As a result of the assessment, you will have a list of actions, prioritized by cost, environmental impact, and level of effort, to help you determine your short-term and long-term sustainability goals.

Eco-Risk Evaluation

We will work with you to analyze current operations against an evolving regulatory framework for sustainability and identify opportunities to proactively minimize risk by aligning more closely to that framework.

Sustainability Scorecard

Eco-Coach’s proprietary scorecards, designed for office-based businesses and the hospitality industry, enable your organization to benchmark existing sustainability practices and identify cost-effective ways to grow your sustainability initiative. We analyze internal business practices centered on water, waste, energy, procurement, transportation, training, and education, and provide prioritized recommendations. The results can be used to spur action and as a baseline to track future environmental sustainability initiatives.

LEED Certification Support

We will help you determine if your building or space is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)compliant and what is needed to obtain certification. We can also be part of your team and help you prepare and submit the documentation to obtain LEED certification for your building.



Sustainability Strategy Roadmap

We will work with senior management to develop or refine your sustainability strategy and ensure alignment with corporate strategic goals and direction. This includes a review of the vision and mission as well as a stakeholder mapping. Then, we will help you clarify  your sustainability goals and sustainability plan to enable you to implement, achieve and track these goals. This will help you identify top priorities and potential roadblocks, and create and implement a plan that ensures that these are successfully addressed.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging with internal and external stakeholders is key to the success of your sustainability initiative and your business. We help you interact with your stakeholders to understand their expectations and perceptions, and learn from their perspectives in order to strengthen your sustainability program. Our three-step approach enables you to identify and engage key stakeholders, develop the optimal engagement process, and execute it while managing risks.

Green Team Support

We will help you create a Green Team or work with your existing one and support them in leading the drive to a more sustainable future. We will provide your Green Team with education, tools, and resources to meet their sustainability objectives. 

Sustainability Reporting


Sustainability reporting is becoming standard practice. Reporting enables your organization to track operational progress, be transparent, manage regulatory risk, and communicate your commitment to sustainability to internal and external stakeholders. We will work with you to identify key performance indicators, establish data collection and tracking mechanisms, and develop or strengthen your sustainability report.

Training, Education, Messaging

Let us help you engage staff and generate buzz about your ‘going green’ initiative, and communicate your successes internally and externally. An important, and often overlooked, step of implementing sustainability is change management. Namely, taking into account the different reactions that employees will have to the change, and the possibility that some may be resistant to it. Our approach addresses this and works to increase buy-in from individuals impacted by the change across the organization. It also ensures that your successes are communicated to key stakeholders.

Carbon Footprint Assessment

Measuring your carbon footprint is a powerful indicator of your organization’s commitment to sustainability. Using our proprietary carbon footprint calculator, we work with you to measure your carbon footprint and quantify greenhouse gas emissions, report on these and identify ways to reduce emissions. This can include scope 1, 2, and/or 3 emissions at the organization or product level.

Awards and Certifications

Awards and green certifications can be local, regional, or national in scope, can be focused on a particular aspect of sustainability or on the broader topic, and can be for different size organizations in varying industries. We will help you identify and apply for green certifications and awards that are relevant to your organization and address the aspects of sustainability you have been focusing on.

Ongoing Sustainability Coaching

Take advantage of our years of expertise in various aspects of sustainability to propel your initiative to the next level. On-going sustainability coaching can range from strategic advice and support to troubleshooting, sustainability leadership training and hands-on implementation of an existing sustainability initiative.