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There are many benefits to implementing renewable energy for your business. These include reducing the risk of energy price fluctuations and service disruptions during extreme weather events, as well as receiving a good return on your investment. Clearly, all of this d...

If you’re thinking about going green at your workplace and are wondering what books are available to give you ideas of what is possible, what others businesses have done, and some actions you could take, definitely check out some of the books listed below. There are so...

In the past, I wrote a series of five blog posts that looked at how to get a green (aka environmental sustainability) project approved at work when you’re not in charge.

Because I received some great feedback about those posts, and also some follow-up questions, I am br...

Is going green at work easy?

How long will it take our business to go green?

If it’s easy, why haven’t so many small businesses done it?

These are some of the questions I’ve been asked in the past by small business owners, operators, or individuals interested in going gre...

In last week’s blog, I looked at five ways that going green can cost the bottom line and how to address these. This is in response to conversations I’ve had with businesses around environmental sustainability and going green.

It is also to address some articles and blog...

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