Eco-Coach is here to help make your organization more sustainable while saving you money, improving customer and staff satisfaction and retention, and managing risk.

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Environmental sustainability
Business Services
Eco-Coach, Inc. assists leading organizations to evaluate, design, and implement sustainable practices. Sustainability means managing human, environmental, and financial capital for long-term organizational success and positive environmental and social impact.

Eco-Assessment and Benchmarking
Where do you stand against your competition? How do you compare to industry leaders? What actions do you need to take to become a leader in sustainability in your industry?


We will work with you to create a baseline profile of your organization’s existing practices, including energy, water, waste, procurement, training, education, and supply chain management. As a result of the assessment, you will have a list of actions, prioritized by cost, environmental impact, and level of effort, to help you determine your short-term and long-term sustainability goals.




Integrated Sustainability Solutions

Are you looking at the big picture or are you focusing on minutiae?

Our proprietary Integrated Sustainability Solutions (ISS) tm, offered in partnership with 4GreenPs, enables organizations to improve their environmental sustainability programs. Starting with an analysis of your business and sustainability goals, we incorporate findings from both inside and outside your organization to uncover new opportunities to shrink your environmental footprint, decrease costs, and increase brand value.


Sustainable Hospitality Services

Can you really afford to be environmentally sustainable? How can you prevent conflict with neighbors around trash and noise? How can you ensure your staff complies with local regulations? What are some low and no cost ways that you can ‘green’ your business?

Our triple bottom line approach to sustainability is a win-win for operators, helping build brand loyalty and increase the customer base while taking into account community relations, staff development, and impact on the planet. Let us help you overcome the challenges to becoming a more environmentally, socially and fiscally sustainable restaurant or bar. Challenges such as: confusion around the ‘green’ products and services in the marketplace; cost of implementing green technologies; conflicts with neighbors around noise and trash; and the amount of time and money spent on the legal processes to obtain permits.




Sustainability Strategy & Planning

What is your organization's vision for sustainability? How will you incorporate sustainable practices into your business' strategic framework? What are the tasks and milestones needed to accomplish your sustainability goals and who should be involved?

We will work with senior management to develop or refine your sustainability strategy that ensures alignment with corporate strategy and direction. This includes a review of the vision and mission as well as a stakeholder mapping. Then, we will help you clarify  your sustainability goals and the plan to implement, achieve and track these goals. This will help you Identify top priorities and potential roadblocks, and create and implement a plan that ensures that these are successfully addressed.



Eco-Risk Evaluation
Would you like to identify potential savings and actions you can take to minimize risk and exposure to potential legislation?

We will work with you to analyze current operations against an evolving regulatory framework for sustainability and identify opportunities to proactively minimize risk by aligning more closely to that framework.



Performance Metrics
What metrics should you use to measure sustainability and tie it to the bottom line?

We will work with you to develop metrics that will monitor and quantify your progress, and enable you to successfully manage your initiative. Benchmarking enables your organization to identify practical indicators of sustainability and to measure these over time. It also facilitate decision-making because management can monitor progress and prioritize future actions based on quantifiable results.


Training, Education & Messaging
Get everyone excited about going green! Change people's habits and their lives!

Let us help you engage staff and generate buzz about your ‘going green’ initiative, and communicate your successes internally and externally. An important, and often overlooked, step of implementing sustainability is change management. Namely, taking into account the different reactions that employees will have to the change, and the possibility that some may be resistant to it. Our approach addresses this and works to increase buy-in from individuals impacted by the change across the organization. It also ensures that your successes are communicated to key stakeholders.


LEED Certification Support
Could your building be LEED certified? What would it take to get there?

We will help you determine if your building or space is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-compliant and what is needed to obtain certification. We can also be part of your team and help you prepare and submit the documentation to obtain LEED certification for your building.


Green Team Support
Do you need to set up a Green Team? Do you currently have one but aren't sure how to use it most effectively? Does your Green Team need tools to help it continue its progress?

We will help you identify key stakeholders across the organization to lead the drive to a more sustainable future and provide them with the education, tools, and resources for success. Click Green Team Seminars for a description of the types of seminars we offer.